After 5,000 hours of work, Lego and McLaren have unveiled one heck of a collaboration: a full-size, 1:1 Lego replica of the Senna supercar. Using half a million bricks, the replica has working lights, doors and infotainment system, and somehow weighs 500 kg (1,100 lb) more than the real thing.

Only 500 of the road-going McLaren Senna will be built, and very few people will get a chance to sit in one, so it's nice of Lego to build something people can jump in and play with as it tours around a series of events through 2019. To keep things feeling real, the team used some real parts from McLaren to finish the model, including the carbon fiber seat, steering wheel and pedals, the logo badges, wheels and tires.

Building the Lego model took 42 people, working in shifts around the clock for a total of 2,725 man-hours. If you include the design and development phase, that total becomes 4,935 hours. While you can press the roof-mounted Start button and "hear a simulation of the 208-mph (335-km/h) car roaring into life," the team hasn't elected to load it up with thousands of Lego Technic motors and make it actually drive, like the Lego Bugatti Chiron we saw last year, which was capable of 12 mph (20 km/h).

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Source: McLaren

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