OLED TVs have been capturing eyeballs at CES for a few years now with their vibrant colors and deep blacks, and despite new competition from LCDs with quantum dot technology, the trend continues in 2015. LG's lineup at this year's show boasts no less than seven new 4K OLED TVs in flat, curved or flexible flavors with screen sizes ranging from 55 to 77 inches.

All the models on show feature LG's four-color pixel WRGB technology, which adds a white sub-pixel to the standard red, green and blue and has featured in all LG's large screen OLEDs since their first appearance at CES in 2013.

Aside from the impressive picture quality we've come to expect from OLED TVs, the technology also enables a maximum response time of 0.001 ms, which LG points out is more than 1,000 times faster than conventional LCD TVs and should keep gamers happy. Another advantage is wide viewing angles without the color washout and contrast reduced contrast found on LCD sets.

Audio performance often appears to be an afterthought for TV manufacturers and poses a problem in the slim units that appeal to the buying public. But LG is looking to address this by partnering with Harman/Kardon for a 4.2 channel speaker setup complemented by LG's Ultra Surround System.

All the new sets run LG's proprietary webOS 2.0 smart TV platform, which sports a simplified interface and includes support for 4K streaming. It is also more responsive, boasting reduced boot times and allows users to easily customize the Launcher Bar with favorite items.

This technology is crammed inside a slim form factor and sees a couple of "floating" models sitting atop a transparent stand intended to reduce visual clutter around the screen and is intended to make it appear as if the TV is suspended in mid air.

The lineup includes the floating curved screen EG9600 and the floating flat EF9500, which come in 55- and 65-in sizes, the 65-in curved "Art Slim Unibody" EF9800 and 77-in curved EG9700. The flexible 77-in OLED TV that LG had on display as a concept at CES last year makes it to market and rounds out the range in the form of the EG9900.

LG is yet to announce pricing and availability of its new OLED lineup.

Source: LG

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