After making its debut at CES earlier this year, LG's ProBeam laser projector has hit the shelves. At $US1,499, this compact unit offers a decent price point for those interested in a portable device that can provide big screen entertainment wherever there's a blank white wall.

Laser projection technology delivers brighter images and doesn't require the regular replacement of expensive bulbs like conventional home projectors. In the ProBeam's case, it can apparently run eight hours per day for up to seven years without lamp replacement.

Weighing in at only 4.6 lb (2.1 kg), the unit pumps out 2,000 lumens of brightness and image sizes of up to 120 in (305 cm) diagonally. It boasts wireless screen mirroring, USB inputs, and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming data to an external speaker.

The projector is also equipped with LG's webOS Smart TV platform, providing direct access to a variety of streaming services and can be controlled via smartphone app. Additionally, a vertical Auto Keystone alignment feature that automatically detects and corrects any screen image distortion

The LG ProBeam is available now in the US for $1,499 from Amazon and Newegg.

Source: LG

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