A team of designers and architects based in South Africa has produced this charming prefabricated tiny home designed especially for the climate and conditions of their country. The versatile POD-Indawo can operate on or off-grid, and sports a decent-sized porch and an upstairs sleeping area.

With a footprint of 17 sq m (182 sq ft), the POD-Indawo is constructed from steel, aluminum, glass, and wood, and has a large glass facade and several windows for ventilation. The units are built in Johannesburg, South Africa, and can ship either as a basic shell or be outfitted with kitchen appliances, folding furniture, and storage solutions to suit.

Inside, the POD-Indawo features a wooden floor, kitchen, bathroom, and a sleeping area that's accessible via ladder. Outside there's a covered decking area that serves as an outdoor lounge. The project's architect, Clara Da Cruz Almeida, told Gizmag that the POD-Indawo can operate either on or off-grid. As standard, it will plug into existing services on a normal suburban plot, but off-grid options including solar panels and septic tank toilet are available at extra cost.

In contrast with some of the tiny houses we've previously covered, the POD-Indawo cannot be towed, and requires a team and trailer to transport and assemble. It also requires planning permission, though only as a temporary structure, which is easier to gain than a permanent structure in South Africa.

A final price hasn't been decided yet – the POD-Indawo could cost the equivalent of anywhere from US$18,000 - $63,000, depending on the furniture and other options chosen. The tiny house in available in South Africa only.

Source: POD-Indawo

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