You've read about the awesome Lightning LS-218 in our feature earlier this year, now you can see it in action. You might think electric vehicles are there to be clean and green and a little bit sensible, but the Lightning bike shows that battery power can deliver absolutely ridiculous levels of performance too. With 200 horsepower and a monstrous 168 lb.ft (228 Nm) of torque, this is the fastest accelerating vehicle I've ever experienced, it turned me into jelly. Riding the BMW S1000RR afterwards felt absolutely civilized in comparison, and that thing is seriously quick. Enjoy our video review!

For more information on the LS-218, check out our feature article, or see our in-depth interview with the bike's creator, Richard Hatfield.

We've also included a gallery of photos of this beautiful machine so you can enjoy some of its design detail.

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