Teaspoons and tablespoons, quarter-cups and half-cups. Measuring liquids while cooking can quite easily spiral into spill-covered bench tops and a sink full of dishes. According to John Wegner, this can all be avoided (or at least, the damage limited) using his Liquidy-Split bottle, a container for storing liquids with a built-in dial for measuring out different quantities.

Liquidy-Split is made from FDA-grade polythylene, which Wegner says makes it suitable for storing and pouring liquids at room temperature or in the fridge. Rather than a normal spout or opening, the bottle has a measuring receptacle on its top, a kind of repository which can be turned up or down in order to measure out a precise amount of liquid.

The storage space of the receptacle is adjusted by twisting it to the desired setting, with measurements marked in either quarter teaspoon increments, ranging from one quarter teaspoon up to one tablespoon, or milliliter increments, ranging from one to 15. Any excess liquid remaining in the receptacle after squeezing is siphoned back into the bottle.

Currently, Wenger is offering two sizes of the Liquidy-Split bottle, 8 oz (236 ml) and 16 oz (473 ml), though with a Kickstarter campaign currently underway, he hopes to include 4 and 32 oz (120 and 946 ml) options if enough funds are raised.

Running up until mid-April, a US$10 pledge will put you in line for a Liquidy-Split bottle of your own, and it might just save you that much in paper towel. Shipping is estimated for July 2014.

You can hear from Wenger in the video below.

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