Mini has announced MINI Yours Customised, which allows a range of interior and exterior trim pieces featuring your own design to be custom-made. Utilizing 3D-printing and laser engraving facilities in Germany, the side scuttles for the exterior turn signals, passenger-side dash trim, LED aluminum door sills and LED door projectors can all be personalized.

Customers can choose their design via an online shop, and the information is sent through to the appropriate production facility for manufacture. For the 3D-printed plastic trim pieces there are five color choices, various surface finishes, patterns, fillable text fields and icons to choose from, as well as the ability to scale and freely position each design feature on the template.

This allows for high-levels of personalization, such as side scuttles that can have different colors and names of the driver and passenger depending on which side of the vehicle it is on.

The aluminum door sills can be independently personalized with your laser engraved hand-written signature or your name in your chosen font. The brushed or black aluminum door sill can also be engraved with patterns and icons from Mini's library. Battery-powered LED lighting is available for the front passenger and driver's doors and are activated by a magnetic switch when the door is opened.

Personalized LED door projectors are available for the front passenger and driver's doors as well. Like the interior trim pieces, there are three color choices, several pattern options, text and signature fields, as well as the ability to have different projections for the passenger and driver's doors.

Parts can be delivered in just a few weeks and Mini claims that the trim pieces can be changed out easily, either by the customer themselves or through an authorized Mini dealer. The plastic trim pieces can be unclipped and replaced with the new part, while the LED door sills are fixed using adhesive pads and the door projectors can be changed by replacing a slide on the underside of the door. The MINI Yours Customised range will be available in early 2018 in Europe, followed by other markets.

Source: Mini

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