Those interested in the small living movement don't have to settle on just living in a tiny house, they can also get married in one, get meet friends for a drink in one, and now go to work in one too. Designed by the makers of the Minim House, the Minim Workspace offers a tiny towable office that can optionally run off-the-grid.

The Minim Workspace comprises a total floorspace of 80 sq ft (7.4 sq m), with the snug interior laid out all on one floor. The firm says that no special permit is needed and you can park it wherever you can legally park a car for a length of time – so a supermarket car park is a no-go, but your driveway is fine.

It's being promoted as suitable for startups, as a portable mini music studio and the like, and can be rented without any furniture inside, but seems best suited to use as an office. On this note, the office model includes a keyless entry system, an adjustable sitting/standup desk, a couch, a sink and fridge area, and a microwave. Lighting is LED and there's also a noiseless air-conditioning and heating system installed.

Unfortunately there's no toilet or shower built in. Minim says that it expects the tiny office to be parked on a driveway or near a business premises with such facilities available.

While the Minim Workspace comes with an electric hookup as standard, it can also optionally operate off-the-grid with a roof-based solar array connected to a battery. There's no mobile Wi-Fi included, so you'd need your own cellular hotspot.

The Minim Workspace will set you back US$775 per month for an office layout running on the grid and $925 per month for an off-grid version. We shopped around a little to check out other office rentals and that seemed roughly in line with the average available, but your results may vary.

Minim is currently taking bookings for within 75 miles (120 km) of Washington DC, with availability expected for March 2017. Once it's delivered, it can't be towed elsewhere.

Portable offices seem to be growing in popularity lately and we've covered a few other alternatives for those looking to escape the dreaded office cubicle, including the KantoorKaravan and the Nissan NV200.

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