Whether you’re making a meringue, a low-calorie omelet or any number of other dishes, sometimes you need just an egg white – without the yolk. Once you’ve cracked the egg open, you can try “pouring” off the yolk, or lifting it out with a traditional strainer-style egg yolk separator. Two new products, however, also give you the option of sucking it away.

Created by Texas entrepreneur Mark Fusco, the Pluck consists of a silicone squeeze bulb, attached to a clear plastic yolk chamber. To use it, you just give it a bit of a squeeze, put the business end of the device up against the yolk, then release the bulb a little. As air is drawn in, the yolk comes with it. By squeezing the bulb again, that yolk can then be plopped into a dish for later use.

The two pieces of the device can be separated for washing.

The Pluck recently finished up a successful crowd-funding campaign on Quirky, and is now available for purchase on that site, at a price of US$12.99. It can be seen in use in the following video.

New Zealand mechanical engineer Hamish Dobbie’s gadget, the Yolkr, is ... well, its concept is pretty much identical to that of the Pluck. It works in exactly the same way, and also comes apart for cleaning.

Dobbie is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter, and has already exceeded his funding goal. A pledge of £18 ($28.50) will get you one, once they’re ready to go. Although they’re the pricier of the two, buyers can choose between various colors, as opposed to the Pluck’s basic white.

The Yolkr can be seen sucking egg yolks in the video below.

Finally, if saving money is more important to you than having neat kitchen gizmos, there is a third option – just use an empty plastic water bottle.

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