Royal Enfield has been busy of late, particularly with the launch of its new parallel twins, but its Indian design team also had time to knock up a truly sensational concept for EICMA. – the 838cc V-Twin "Concept KX" bobber, which we believe would sell like hotcakes in the Western world if it made it to production.

Inspired by Enfield's own Model KX, an 1140cc side-valve hardtail beauty of the 1930s, Concept KX is a rare and fascinating beauty with many details to enjoy. The front end uses a girder suspension system that lets the headlight travel up and down with the front wheel, sprung with a monoshock back to the steering head.

Meanwhile, the rear wheel seems to hang in the air from the right side, with only a slotted view through to the heavily angled shock giving any impression that the thing moves up and down behind the leather-clad, cantilevered solo seat unit. There's no brake disc to obscure your view of the tastefully machined rim, either. Moving around to the left side reveals a wide, triangular single-sided swingarm that looks terrific, as well as an ABS brake disc stacked in behind the sprocket.

The finish and materials on this thing, excepting the engine and the strangely cheap-looking digital dash, look a mile further on from what we've seen from Enfield's production bikes – and the overall lines and proportions are downright sexy, with the exception of the oddly kinked pipe coming back from the rear cylinder. It reminds us more than a little of the Indian Scout, and any comparison to designer Rich Christoph's work is a huge compliment in our books.

It would be a most enticing and welcome addition to the expanding Royal Enfield range if it were to hit production. But the factory is quick to quash such a suggestion: "Royal Enfield 'Concept KX' will remain a 'concept', taking pride of place at the very front of the Royal Enfield marquee at EICMA 2018 and is not intended for production."

Well we guess that's that, then. Enjoy a ton of photos in the gallery, or check out the video below that goes ever so slightly overboard on the lighting effects.

Source: Royal Enfield

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