There are plenty of cooking tasks that require the skill and finesse only a human can provide, but the simple stirring of sauces is generally not one of them. That's why Norwegian company Unikia launched its Stirio motorized pot-stirrer a year ago. Now, a new-and-improved model has been announced – it's stirring news indeed.

Like the first version, the new Stirio can be mounted on pots measuring 15 to 25 cm wide (6.9 to 9.8 in), via its retractable clamp-ended arms. The downward extension of its stirring blade can also be adjusted, allowing for a pot-height range of 7.5 to 18 cm (3 to 7 in).

Once it's in place, the user just presses its single button, and it starts stirring whatever's in the pot – it can reportedly manage even relatively thick foods, such as porridge, risotto or stew. One charge of its battery is said to be good for at least one hour of use.

The new model features an articulated plastic stirring blade that can be folded out to reach across the bottom of different sizes of pots, and that won't scratch anti-stick coatings – by contrast, the previous model required users to change blades for different pot sizes.

This version is also claimed to be easier to clean and use, plus it has a quieter motor.

It's available now for €49.95 (about US$63), and can be seen in use in the video below. Potential buyers might also want to check out the somewhat similar Ardente Gourmet Stirrer, or the tripod-like Autonomous Saucier.

Source: Unikia

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