Backcountry Hut Company (BHC), the Canadian firm that offers flatpack cabins that assemble "like Ikea furniture," has unveiled a new model called the Surf Shack. The attractive little dwelling comes in multiple configurations and sizes, and can operate on or off-the-grid.

The Surf Shack can be purchased in larger sizes, but the base model offers a total floorspace of 191 sq ft (17.7 sq m). Rather than a full-time home, it seems better suited as a vacation home or weekend cabin.

The example pictured has an open interior layout with generous glazing. Its interior includes a living room, dining area, kitchenette and bathroom, with a wood-burning stove offering heat and a porch either side providing some outdoor space. Stairs lead to a single bedroom.

However, as is usually the case with prefabricated homes, the Surf Shack is very customizable. BHC discusses potential clients' needs and builds the dwelling to suit their lifestyle, so additional bedrooms or a larger kitchen could be added, for example.

The Surf Shack is delivered in flatpack form by truck (or helicopter if it's a very rural spot). Assembly is promised to be easy, and doesn't require heavy machinery. Indeed, BHC told us that assuming all regulations are met, four handy people with some basic building skills should be able to assemble a Surf Shack within a week.

The cabins can run on or off-the-grid. We've no details on any of the off-grid tech available ,but BHC says it provides systems to match clients requirements, so composting toilet and solar panels are probably a safe bet.

The Surf Shack is available for order now in the US and Canada, with further availability planned for the future. BHC told us that each model is custom fabricated and takes around two months to build and deliver. The most basic shell the firm offers starts at CAN$55,000 (roughly US$45,000), with the final price rising depending on options chosen.

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