• Call us old-fashioned, but we think that for a dwelling to be considered a real tree house, it must actually be connected to a tree. Still, what it lacks in trees, the Treewow O - A Tree House of Curved Round Roof more than makes up for with a stunning undulating roof.
  • Deteriorating, century-old oak trees destined for the scrapheap have been turned into a lovely barn in the Netherlands. Architects at Hilberink Bosch Architecten put the structure together at their farm south of Amsterdam, using traditional building techniques and materials collected from the area.
  • Currently under construction in Norway, Mjøstårnet will rise to a height of 81 m (265 ft) once complete, making it the new world's tallest wooden building. Kind of. Maybe. That depends on rule changes which may or may not come into force.
  • Japanese lumber and housing firm Sumitomo Forestry has unveiled an ambitious plan to build a supertall timber skyscraper in Tokyo. Rising to an impressive 350 m (1,148 ft)-tall, the tower would be a real feat of wooden construction.
  • Last year we heard about the Draisine 200.0, a one-off wooden electric balance bike for adults. Well, if you wished that you could buy something like it, now is your chance. The Big Buddy Bike has a tempered wooden frame, it's adult-sized, and it's an electric balance bike – of a sort.
  • When Christoph Frandorfer was a student, he developed knee problems from riding a bicycle that didn't fit. Unfortunately, he couldn't afford to get a bike custom-made for his measurements. That's where he first got the idea for My Esel, billed as "the world's first mass-produced custom bike."
  • ​We've seen a fair number of wooden bicycles recently, along with plenty of electric motorcycles. Well, now it's time to meet the Rocsie. It's a Spanish-built cafe racer-style electric motorbike, with a laminated bent-wood frame.
  • Although showing some signs of wear after eight decades of use, the wooden escalators of Sydney's Wynyard Station aren't done just yet. Repurposed as a twisting installation by local artist Chris Fox, the heritage timber structures now hang from the ceiling as spectacular heritage-inspired artwork.
  • DFA Studio recently unveiled a blue sky proposal for an observation tower in Central Park. If built, it would be the world's tallest timber structure. Interestingly, it would also filter the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and turn it into a freshwater pond for everyone's use.
  • BrandNewNoise has added the Krankie to its small catalog of handcrafted audio recording devices. It's an old school music box mechanism sat atop a box made of sustainable wood that allows the user to create custom tunes and record the results.
  • ​Bikes with wooden frames are often thought of as being fine and classy … not unlike single malt Scotch whiskies. With that in mind, Renovo Hardwood Bicycles has partnered with distillery Glenmorangie to create the Glenmorangie Original – a limited-edition bike made from reclaimed whisky casks.
  • For some people, there's nothing quite so exquisite as a classic wooden motorboat. Well, Minneapolis-based entrepreneur Kevin Fitzke has taken that aesthetic and applied it to the stand-up paddle board.
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