While the standard controller for Microsoft's current-gen system is certainly no slouch, the company is keen to offer enthusiasts something a little special, announcing the Xbox Elite controller at its E3 press event.

The Elite controller hangs on to the aesthetic of the standard model, but throws in a few features that gaming enthusiasts will love. Namely, there's a set of four rearrangeable paddle controls that sit under the body of the controller, hair-trigger locks and improved thumbstick sensitivity. The new model also features a re-designed D-pad with a silver aesthetic, though there are currently no details on how (or if) this differs from what you'll find on standard Xbox One gamepad.

As well as being able to physically rearrange controls, owners of the new gamepad will also be able to remap existing buttons. The Xbox Elite controller is compatible with the Xbox One console and Windows 10. There's no word yet on pricing or availability.

This isn't the only Xbox One hardware we've seen recently. Just last week Microsoft outed a 1 TB Xbox One, as well as a new standard controller, complete with headphone jack and support for wireless updates. The company also popped in at the Oculus Rift launch to announce that Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming will support the Rift.

Turning back to the Xbox Elite controller, it's clear that the new gamepad won't replace the standard model, but is instead aimed squarely at enthusiasts. At the very least, we can see eSports players going mad for it.

Source: Microsoft

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