Following the release of a limited edition Pilot Series electric three-wheeler in 2018, and the launch of the flagship Evergreen Fun Utility Vehicle last month, Arcimoto began testing a special edition Rapid Responder in Oregon and California. Now the company is developing a new variant aimed at small businesses – the Deliverator.

Currently being worked on at the firm's Eugene, Oregon, manufacturing plant, this new electric reverse trike is being built on the same platform as the Fun Utility Vehicle and the Rapid Responder, so businesses can expect around 100 city miles (160 km) per charge and a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h).

But the Deliverator is a single seater model, with the passenger area being given over to cargo space. The vehicle is reported to have a carrying capacity of 350 lb (158 kg) per trip, with the Cargo Cube offering up to 20 cubic feet of cargo space and can be configured to suit a company's needs – "including, parcels, pizza, perishable groceries, pharmaceuticals, dry cleaning, and more pizza."

"With the Deliverator, we set out to create a vehicle that would solve the problem of local and last-mile delivery, which has traditionally been dominated by big, expensive, polluting delivery trucks and vans that often block traffic and increase congestion in urban environments," said Arcimoto's Mark Frohnmayer.

"The Deliverator's nimble, small footprint can improve fulfillment and delivery times by allowing the operator to more easily move through traffic and find parking compared to a full-sized automobile. With reduced fuel and maintenance costs, we believe the Deliverator will offer significant per-mile savings. For small business owners and corporate fleets alike, the Deliverator delivers."

The Deliverator is up for pre-order now for a starting price of US$19,900 (the same ticket price as the company's flagship FUV), with full production set to begin in 2020.

Source: Arcimoto

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