Russia's BIO Architects previously built a cabin on the water and now it has produced one that's above some water. The aptly-named Bridge House is designed to withstand its country's famously harsh winters and spans a small river on a farm.

BIO Architects was commissioned to design and build a second home on a farm in the Tula Oblast region of Russia. After taking a look at the site, the firm came up with the idea of spanning the river.

Bridge House was prefabricated nearby and then delivered to site and assembled. It comprises a mostly wooden structure, with a lot of glazing, and doubles up as a bridge, providing access at either side for the owners to cross the river. The interior measures 150 sq m (1,614 sq ft) and is mostly taken up by a large kitchen and dining area, which includes seating and an electric piano set up for entertaining.

Elsewhere lies a loft bedroom above the kitchen that's accessed by ladder, plus another couple of bedrooms on the ground floor, one of which has its own kitchenette. There are also two bathrooms and a partially-covered deck area outside.

We asked the firm for more information on how Bridge House would fare in the cold and were told that the large amounts of foam insulation installed means it doesn't require heating in temperatures as cold as -15° C (5° F). However, when the temperature does drop further, gas central heating can be used.

Bridge House was completed in late 2018.

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