At last year's Dusseldorf Caravan Salon, Citroën revealed the Jumper Biker Solution, a camper van built to haul motorcycles and sleep four people at night. A camper like that being displayed by an auto brand yelled "concept van," but camper vans are an important part of Citroën's business and the company immediately announced plans to sell the Biker Solution. Now it's expanding the Biker Solution line with a second model, an even roomier, more versatile hauling/camper van built to accommodate an ATV or go-kart on the road to an action-packed getaway.

The biggest thing separating the all-new Jumper Biker Solution Multi from the original Biker Solution Classic is that the Multi loses the dual motorcycle-specific loading system. It can still accommodate two motorcycles, but the space and versatility afforded by the flat load floor allows it to carry an ATV, go-kart, wheelchair or motorcycle with sidecar. The flat ramps, remote-controlled electric winch and integrated floor rails help get everything inside and secured down.

Another advantage of the Multi floor-rail-based design developed in cooperation with Flexebu is that you can mount an optional rear seat or two to the floor. The Flexebu hardware also allows for complete removal of the camper furniture, enabling both the Classic and Multi vans to double as cargo vans.

Beyond that, the Multi has a split-folding rear bed for two people and a pop-up roof bed for another pair. A central kitchen area packs a stove, sink and compressor fridge. There's also a small, removable table that locks in place in front of the swiveled driver cab seats to create a front dining nook or in back to create a kitchen counter or rear dining area. The rest of the interior is filled out by a variety of overhead cabinets and full-height storage consoles, providing plenty of space to stash clothes, helmets, tools and more.

Biker Solution Multi features and components include a Thule awning, diesel heating, a 90-Ah AGM battery, 20-L fresh and waste water tanks, and LED lighting.

Both the Biker Solution Classic and Biker Solution Multi start at €51,100 (approx. US$57,200) in Germany. The base L3H2-sized Jumper van is powered by a 162-hp BlueHDi diesel engine and equipped with a touchscreen infotainment/navigation system, Bluetooth audio, parking aid and downhill assist.

There are a number of motorcycle-hauling camper vans out there, and some even offer added flexibility by allowing riders to sleep with their bikes locked inside the van, either via an infinitely adjustable electric-lift bed or via a fixed raised bed and sealed-off garage. We've also seen larger toy-hauling trailers and motorhomes with ATV garages, off-road camping trailers with flatbeds, and even one or two small, hard-sided trailers that double as ATV transporters.

Full-functioning camper vans with ATV-hauling capabilities remain much rarer, however, and it's quite impressive that the Multi can haul a four-wheeler to camp, then sleep, feed and seat four people once there. We're still not sure we want to sleep in the same space where a filthy ATV stinking of gas was just parked, but if we were going to do it, this seems a good way of getting it done.

Source: Citroën

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