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Turn your PDA into a portable FM Radio

Turn your PDA into a portable ...
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The pocketRADIO is a plug-in radio card that transforms your PDA into a portable FM Stereo. Volume and search controls, including manual fine-tune, become part of the PDA interface and the device allows for 18 pre-set stations. Also notable is the inclusion of an 1/8" Stereo Headphone Jack that allows external speakers to be used.Designed for use on the Pocket PC platform, manufacturers iBIZ Technology recently released a Dell Axim version, adding to the long list of handhelds - Toshiba Genio, Compaq Aero 1500, NEC Mobile Pro P300 and others - that are compatible with pocketRADIO.CompactFlash and SD card versions are available and stereo earphones are included in US$49.99 price.

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