The Hyundai IONIQ is an electric vehicle planned for production in 2016. The car will be officially revealed soon, but the Korean automaker has begun teasing it, building up to its initial unveiling in Korea in January 2016.

The renderings offered show the IONIQ's exterior and interior. The exterior image shows a coupe-styled sedan with obvious Hyundai hallmarks in design. The fast-paced roofline and long, straight hood are similar to what's seen on other sedans from the make, including the new Sonata and Genesis. Body lines are also similar, making this a contemporary car despite its forward-thinking drivetrain choices.

Aerodynamics play an important role in the IONIQ's design. Minimizing wind resistance and improving efficiency were important in the car's exterior build, says Hyundai.

The interior rendering shown for the new Hyundai IONIQ is a simple presentation of the dashboard. The steering wheel has been faded to show the instrument cluster behind, which sits in a deep one-piece bezel. At the center of the dash is a visor-shaped panel with air vents flanking an infotainment touchscreen. The dashboard's overall design is up and away in Euro-style for a more airy, roomy appeal.

The IONIQ was first introduced earlier in December as a production-ready concept with three electric drivetrain options. This will make the IONIQ the first production car to have a battery-electric, plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid, and gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain in the same model.

The IONIQ will premier in Korea in January 2016 and will then be shown in Europe at the Geneva International Motor Show and in the Americas at the New York Auto Show.

Source: Hyundai

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