November 10, 2008 Well known to car audio enthusiasts, JL Audio subwoofers set a high standard in clean, deep bass reproduction. So it’s not surprising that when they turn their attention to home audio the results are just as impressive. Enter the Fathom f212 dual 12-inch subwoofer. It employs JL Audio’s new 12W7 subwoofer drivers, boasting the most powerful and refined motor system JL Audio has ever used on a 12-inch woofer. The result is even greater output and accuracy than the single 12-inch Fathom subs in the range.

To further increase it’s potential, JL Audio have built in their exclusive Automatic Room Optimization (ARO) system. It uses a laboratory-grade calibration microphone to analyze the listening space the Fathom f212 is installed in and correct any acoustical problems with a powerful equalization system for optimum bass performance. While this is a feature that is becoming common to AV receivers, it’s rarely found in a subwoofer and is a welcome addition.

Driving the two 12-inch subwoofers is a huge on-board switching amplifier offering 3000 watts RMS (short-term,) making it ideal for today’s demanding movie soundtrack formats like DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD offered by the Blu-Ray and HD DVD formats.

Patented circuitry keeps tight control over the two drivers at the extreme output levels the Fathom f212 is capable of, ensuring it remains tight with as minimal distortion as possible.

As with other subwoofers in the Fathom range, balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided. Also on offer is a balanced signal output, making multiple Fathom subwoofer setups a breeze.

Employing a sealed enclosure, the Fathom f212 boasts a useable frequency response all the way down to 20Hz (the lower threshold of human hearing) and also offers an extremely low frequency (ELF) trim function (-12dB to +3dB) to keep control of those low resonant frequencies that can sometimes dominate the sound if not treated with respect. Along with a low-pass filter featuring a switchable slope from 12 to 24dB, and phase adjustment from 0 – 280 degrees, these features make seamlessly integrating the Fathom f212 bass behemoth into your home theater system easier.

Weighing in at a hefty 100kg (220 pounds), the JL Audio Fathom f212 subwoofer comes in satin black finish (USD$6000 MSRP) and high-gloss black (USD$6100 MSRP) and is available now.

Tim LeFevre

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