Luxury tiny houses are all well and good, but a tiny house seems best suited as a low cost option that lets people forgo mortgages. With this in mind, the Czech Republic's Pin-Up Houses is selling plans for a no-frills tiny house that can be built for approximately US$10,000.

The aptly-named Magenta is very small, even for a tiny house, and measures just 11.2 ft (3.4 m)-long and 6.2 ft (1.8 m)-wide. To put that into perspective, the pint-sized French models like La Tête dans les étoiles are around double the length and wider, while a US tiny house is often significantly larger still.

Pin-Up Houses told us that the materials for the model shown cost around $2,100, with the labor costing another $7,900, though both figures could obviously vary quite a lot depending on where you live. You'll need to source all that yourself too, as Pin-Up Houses only sells build plans, which fetch $129 for the Magenta. There is at least one advantage here though, it does mean that you don't necessarily have to opt for the shocking color of the demo model.

As you'd expect, some corners need to be cut with such a low cost model and it's very utilitarian, with a waterproof plywood exterior, spruce beams, and polystyrene insulation. We've no word on R-values or the like, but we'd guess that it's not suited to extreme weather.

Inside, the dwelling is very snug, with a total floorspace of 6.5 sq m (70 sq ft) and most of that is taken up by the living area, which is simple and includes a wood-burning stove, storage-integrated sofa bed, and a small table and chairs. At the far end is a unit that contains a kitchenette with a sink and water tank hooked up, plus a simple camping stove and some storage space (there's also netting on the walls and ceiling).

A door leads into the bathroom which has a toilet but no shower, so this one seems best suited as a guest cabin or weekender rather than full-time home. The tiny house gets its power from a standard RV-style hookup.

Check out the video below for more information on the Magenta.

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