To some, golf is a good walk ruined. But why walk when you can ride … get on board the latest mobility offering from Leev – the Mantys. It’s a bit like a four-wheel version of a Segwey/scooter that holds your golf clubs up front and can go for 36 holes before it needs recharging. Weighing just 88lbs, it folds down to fit in your trunk next to your golf bag. It steers by transferring your weight either left or right, has a top speed of 11mph and can climb most inclines found on a golf course.

Besides golf, Leev says the Mantys can be put to use in various other applications like warehouses, resorts, terrain inspection, final mile delivery, etc, but we expect to see it predominantly on the golf course.

It has two 500W geared electric motors on the rear wheels and is powered by two 24V Li-ion 20Ah batteries. Comfort, stability and safety are delivered through oil-damped shock absorbers and hydraulic disc brakes, and the wheels have a turf-saver profile. Overall, the Mantys measures 1300 x 700 x 1400mm (LxWxH).

Other features include a score cardholder, ball and tee-holder and (the mandatory) cup-holder.

If you’re fit enough to get one in and out of your trunk, we believe it will set you back around US$3,250.

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