Still not that McLaren. We're talking again about the British camper van converter that works exclusively with big vans like the VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter. A few months before going full-on Savage with the Crafter, it was performing some of its first conversions on the generation-3 Sprinter. Its updated Shadow two-sleeper van capitalizes on the latest Mercedes tech, adding a cozy, sealed-off interior with space to sleep, cook, freshen and relax. And for those that yearn for a little more speed and adventure, it also offers bike-hauling Sprinter Sporthomes.

Mclaren launched third-gen Sprinter camper vans last fall, joining other converters across continental Europe, the UK and the US, which have been gradually adding new Sprinter camper vans to their lineups since the van's February 2018 debut. And with some sporty graphics and spacious layouts, Mclaren has put its own individual stamp on the new Sprinter camper van market.

The "Shadow" model pictured is listed for sale on Mclaren's website and finds its basis on the long-wheelbase 2019 Sprinter 316, bringing along with it the 10.3-in nav-infotainment system with voice control, 7G Tronic transmission, 360-degree camera system and LED headlights. The heated front seats are on swivels so they can face the road ahead or swing around to face the camper area.

One thing that makes Mclaren's Shadow conversion different from the average Sprinter camper van is that the motorhome interior is sealed off from the rear double doors, creating a dedicated living space. Mclaren puts some quilted padding on the rear wall and slides a roomy U-shaped couch in back, along with a flat-panel TV. That sofa converts into a double bed at night.

The center of the van is filled out by both a wet bath compartment on the driver-side and an aisle-straddling kitchen. The main kitchen block has a versatile induction/gas hybrid cooktop, sink and oven/grill. Worktop on this compact block is limited to the sink lid, but a dedicated counter across the aisle next to the 150-L fridge/freezer adds additional space for meal prep work.

A total of nine drawers combine with eight overhead lockers throughout to offer plenty of interior storage. While the Shadow lacks the large garage of Mclaren's sporthomes, it does have a smaller rear storage area inside the rear doors, below the walled-off habitation module.

Mclaren wires the Shadow up with plenty of power, hooking a 250Ah leisure battery to a 100W Zamp solar panel with charger. Fresh water is stored in an insulated 100-L tank and drains to an 80-L waste water tank.

While Shadow pricing will vary based on options and customizations, the model described above lists at £85,000 (approx. US$107,575).

Those who want to pack bikes and other sports gear, should check out Sprinter-based Sporthomes like the one pictured below. Each Sporthome has a roomy garage for all the adventure goodies, and prices start at £58,000 ($73,400) for the full van, according to Mclaren's website.

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