Portuguese prefabricated housing firm Mima Housing recently unveiled its latest design, the Mima Light. Featuring a mirrored base section that makes it appear to float in mid-air, the compact prefab comes in multiple sizes and configurations, including the ability to run off-the-grid.

Mima Light takes the form of a simple rectangular box shape, not unlike the ÁPH80 or Minimod. A mirrored base area hides its wooden pole foundations and lends the floating effect. The home is available in several sizes and configurations, with the smallest unit comprising a total floorspace of 21.6 sq m, (232 sq ft), and the largest 32.4 sq m (348 sq ft).

The interior layout can also be configured, and the double bed, kitchen, bathroom with shower, and lounge/dining area can be moved around and resized, but will remain suitable for a couple of people only. Access comes via a large glass door at each end, though it looks a big step up to get there.

The home is clad in aluminum and features a laminated glazed area toward the middle. If you peeled back its layers like an onion, you'd find a sandwich panel including CLT (cross-laminated timber) and insulation, plus a final layer of lacquered wood, which offers a utilitarian finish inside.

Mima Light is powered by the grid as standard but Mima Housing told Gizmag that an optional solar power setup is available. Though the firm made no mention of a composting toilet or rainwater collection system, it should be relatively easy to add these, too.

The smallest and most basic Mima Light fetches €27,625 (roughly US$31,000), while the largest commands €36,500 ($41,000). Shipping is to the European Union only.

Source: Mima Housing

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