New Passat features Continental self-sealing tyres

New Passat features Continenta...
Continental's self-sealing tyres
Continental's self-sealing tyres
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Continental's self-sealing tyres
Continental's self-sealing tyres

February 13, 2008 Self-sealing tyres from German manufacturer Continental will be rolled-out on the new Volkswagen Passat CC four-door. The tyres feature ContiSeal technology - a protective layer on the inside of the tread that immediately seals holes caused by a screw or nail puncture.

"The seal works on nearly all leaks caused by objects up to 5 millimeters in diameter", says Detlef Zschörner, head of the Automotive Group Volkswagen / Audi at Continental. "That means they can prevent of about 85 percent of typical flat tyres."

Depending on the wheels fitted, the ContiSeal tyres for the Passat CC are manufactured in two sizes; 235/45 R 17 W or 235/40 R 18 W. Because the tyres are designed to allow you to continue driving after picking-up a puncture, its also recommended that tyres be examined regularly for nails or screws.

ContiSeal technology, along with the Passat CC (which was first seen at the Detroit Motor Show in January), will be exhibited at the Geneva International Motor Show next month.

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