We've been covering a raft of new technology from Nissan this week and one of the most interesting is its innovative assisted steering system, which synchronizes navigation, engine, braking and steering systems to help drivers make smoother (and safer) turns. By linking Nissan’s existing Distance Control Assist System to on-board navigation map data, the Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal can help the driver decelerate or brake as the car enters a curve based on real-time navigation information.

The Distance Control Assist System integrates the GPS navigation system with the vehicle’s electronic stability control (ESC is already available on the Fuga). Sensors detect how the vehicle is traveling and compares it to the amount of driver input. If it senses the vehicle is not cornering smoothly, it can intervene by applying the brakes (individually to each wheel) and the engine torque can be slowed to keep the vehicle under control and pointed where it should be heading.

The Navigation-Cooperative Intelligent Pedal uses GPS integration to allow the system to predict the optimum speed for the upcoming corners and prompts the driver to slow down by raising the accelerator pedal against the driver’s foot. Once the driver’s foot is lifted the system smoothly applies the brakes individually to each wheel to a level that makes cornering smoother and safer.

Nissan says this is the world's first driving assist system focused on reducing the driver's workload on curvy roads by integrating navigation, accelerator pedal, powertrain and brakes.

This system is scheduled for introduction on the new Fuga set for release in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show in Fall 2009.

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