The Ultimate Service Titan may have the brawn, but it's not the only Nissan truck capable of heading up rescue and response missions. Over at the São Paulo Motor Show, Nissan is showing how the Frontier (Navara) can prove a potent force in search-and-rescue. The Frontier Sentinel concept has a raft of upgraded capabilities and components, including a drone-launching platform, portable power station and gear organization. Its parrot-inspired coloring gives a nod to its Brazilian roots and ensures it pops out like a smoke signal in dense jungle or forest.

We thought the blue paint of the Volkswagen Tarok concept would grab some attention in São Paulo, but that truck disappears into the background compared to the "Thunder Blue" Frontier Sentinel. The electric yellows further help the truck stand out, as Nissan pulls inspiration from the Brazilian hyacinth macaw, a parrot native to parts of South America.

In fact, the Sentinel is a Brazilian-born concept through and through. It was designed at Nissan Brazil's styling studio and built to navigate every corner of Brazil's diverse landscape.

The paint gets your attention, but its the Sentinel's feature set that will help put you at ease should you find yourself in need of rescue. Similar to what it did with the recent Dark Sky Concept, Nissan uses Leaf-derived battery packs as auxiliary power, providing a quick hook-up for tools and devices.

The two battery packs fill the pickup bed with help from a set of drawers for organizing rescue supplies like flashlights, helmets, gloves, ropes and tools. The tonneau cover on top doubles as a platform for launching and landing drones, putting "eyes in the sky" when necessary. The roll bar extensions around the sides create more storage capacity on the bed cover.

Modifications like the snorkel, GT Radial Adventuro MT 285/75 R16 tires and special roof lighting system boost the Frontier's capability for efficient all-terrain navigation and emergency response.

The São Paulo show opened to the public today and runs through November 18.

Source: Nissan

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