A compact toy hauler and dedicated efficiency apartment, the Sportcaravan Cube is far better equipped for dawn-till-dusk adventure and dusk-till-dawn living than the average travel trailer. It fits its gear-hungry garage and four-sleeper living space together like a puzzle, fully separating snoozing campers from the jet ski, motorbikes, mountain bikes, surfboards or kayaks on the other side of the wall. This trailer is ready to head to the track, mountains, ocean and beyond for a weekend (or week) of outdoor fun.

We've seen countless toy haulers over the years at shows like Overland Expo and RVX, and have noticed several clear categories. There's the comfy caravan that accommodates a motorbike or two during the ride to camp, the simple towable garage that uses drop-down furniture to transform into a makeshift living area, the off-road flatbed with camper box, the compact trailer with lift-away bed or roof-top tent, and the monster hauler with full-size camper ahead of dedicated garage. Just this week, we also saw the minimalist AntiShanty, a portable gear box with basic, quick-set modular furniture.

Sportcaravan does something we're not so familiar with. Clearly influenced by the so-called sporthome (camper van with bike garage), the German company carves out a niche by combining the split layout of a monster hauler with a compact design more similar to a cargo box with convertible furniture. Its Cube series starts under 20 feet (6.1 m), each model split neatly in half into fully walled-off garage and living areas. Up to four people can sleep on the camper side, without any worry about chewing on a thick cloud of lingering fumes, while the bikes remain locked safely away in the garage.

As with motorcycle-hauling camper vans, the Cube features a raised fixed bed, providing space below for the garage. Meanwhile, the open, non-motored space of the caravan gives Sportcaravan some flexibility that camper van manufacturers don't enjoy, letting it dedicate the entirety of the living area to furniture and residential amenities, with no need to work around automotive equipment. So it complements the upper fold-out bed with a convertible dinette, small kitchenette and plenty of cabinetry. And just in case stacking four bodies inside the tiny space doesn't take the bite out of the nightly temperature drop, there's also standard heating.

With none of the flip-down furniture, standard stereo systems or convertible ramp/patios you find on larger, more complex toy haulers, the Cube garage remains very simple and purpose-driven. Dual swinging load doors lead to an empty space large enough to hold up to three motorcycles, five mountain bikes, a jet ski, a drum kit and guitars, or a variety of other gear or cargo. A single ramp comes standard, and buyers can add a second ramp or an electric winch loading system optionally. The interior has plenty of tie-downs and lash points to secure everything in place as well.

The smaller Cube 4 has a very slim kitchen that still manages to pack your basic camp kitchen functions. It includes a portable stove, a 14L Waeco fridge box, and a stainless steel sink fed by 26L fresh water tank. The Cube 4 is too small for even the skinniest of wet cells, but it does come standard with a portable toilet.

Those looking for a proper wet bathroom and a bit more space will want to opt for the 21.3-ft (6.5-m) Cube 5. It has much the same sleeping/dining layout, but the kitchen has been moved to the front wall to make room for a corner wet bath with hot/cold shower and toilet. Other upgraded equipment includes an 80L fridge/freezer, built-in cooktop, 125L fresh water tank and 35L waste water tank.

The Cube 4 relies on shore power for electricity, while the 5 also includes a 100-Ah AGM battery, 15A charger and plenty of sockets for plugging in. Both units have LED lighting.

The 2,425-lb (1,100-kg) Cube 4 starts at €18,999 (approx. US$21,450), while the 3,086-lb (1,400-kg) Cube 5 starts at €28,999 (US$32,725). The 4 has a payload of 1,540 lb (700 kg), and the 5 a payload of 1,760 lb (800 kg). Buyers can add on extra payload and select from an options list that includes a Dometic awning, extra garage length, drawbar storage, and the aforementioned winch loading system. Sportcaravan also works to fulfill special add-on requests, like TV or air conditioning.

Source: Sportcaravan

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