Prized as a neutral oasis in the middle of exotic car-crazed Europe, the annual Geneva Motor Show serves as a veritable breeding ground for the world's fastest, sexiest cars. This year's show seems just a little more special than usual, with shimmering aluminum and glossy carbon fiber imprisoning our pupils in virtually every corner of the six halls of the Palexpo. It was a dirty job, but we dove in with both feet to bring you photos of every track-hugging race car and road trip-hungry convertible.

With ultra-powerful supercars and surprise debuts galore, the press days at this year's Geneva Motor Show proved to be some of the best we've attended in quite some time. Major players like Koenigsegg and McLaren had multiple new cars to premiere, and rarely-seen brands like Spania GTA surfaced to show their latest (quite impressive) hardware. Lamborghini and Ferrari followed in the tradition of debuting new cars in Geneva, and a couple of heritage cars rounded the show out with just a touch of nostalgia.

After carefully combing through several gigabytes of SD storage, we present the fastest, sexiest, most exotic cars of the show.

Full photo gallery: Performance cars of Geneva 2015.

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