Prefabricated homes might be cheaper and quicker to assemble, but they come with certain limitations that don't impede traditionally constructed dwellings. Typically consisting of large housing components shipped to and then assembled on site, they don't tend to offer the same creative freedom when it comes to design, but as these examples demonstrate, that doesn't always have to mean compromised aesthetics.

When you picture a prefabricated home you might imagine a boxy structure, you know, a simple four-walls-and-a-roof-type scenario. And a lot of the dwellings featured here do indeed take that form, but we've also got houseboats, treehouses and hobbit homes that blend into hillsides.

There's also a Swedish home with a rooftop slope for sledding, a surfer's shack for coastal getaways and homes that cleverly use mirrors to disappear into their surroundings. And over the past few years we have seen designers begin to incorporate energy efficient technologies into the prefab mix, making for some homes that generate more energy than they require.

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