Concrete is a ubiquitous, often unremarkable, building material but in the right hands, it can be sculpted into truly special architectural works. Join us as we celebrate some of the best recent uses of concrete we've seen.

Sublime concrete architecture is by no means new, of course – the Romans were perfecting the art thousands of years ago. More recently, the Brutalist movement, which valued exposed concrete and bold, uncompromising forms, produced some of the world's most influential concrete architecture. Projects like Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation in Marseille and London's Trellick Tower, by Ernő Goldfinger, pictured below, are two famous high points.

While the projects we're covering aren't all inspired by Brutalism – the only thing they all share is a notable use of concrete – Chile's La Casa H, by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos, clearly is. Built into the hills of the coastal town of Zapallar, the residence is arranged around four reinforced concrete beams running the length of the structure. It's not for everyone, but for fans of the style, it's a treat.

Whereas Casa H boldly contrasts with its environment, Brazil's Planar House, by MK27 architects, aims for the opposite effect. This concrete pad is topped by a massive green roof that helps it blend in with the surrounding garden.

Head to the gallery to see each of the projects we've chosen to highlight the rugged beauty of concrete, including a Zaha Hadid-designed home, a Budapest metro station, and a cliff-hanging luxury residence.

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