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Samsung release camcorder phone

Samsung release camcorder phon...
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The latest in phone functionality has arrived in the form of Samsung's SCH-V410 camcorder phone. Recently released in South Korea, the clamshell design phone enables video recording and editing, plays music without needing to open the device and also doubles as a remote control for certain TVs and DVD players.

The SCH-V410 can store up to two hours of video streams and around 30 downloaded songs with an average size of 3MB. The music player button is installed on the outside of the unit for quick access.

The device can also be used to channels or adjust volume on a TV, DVD player, VCR and other compatible electronic devices.

The camera takes 310,000-pixel images and the visual interface is a 262,000-color TFT-LCD screen.

A version of the phone is expected to be released worldwide in 2004.

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