July 31, 2007 The enormous and still skyrocketing wealth centralized in Dubai has seen some absolutely outrageous construction projects taking off. From the world’s tallest building and a ski slope in the desert to custom-built islands and rotating skyscrapers, the international commerce hub seems to have ingenious developers fighting each other over who can make the biggest show of material excess. The latest jewel in Dubai’s extravagant crown will be a 516-metre tall apartment building, more than twice as high as the previous biggest residential building and with no expense spared on pure luxury. Even its name, the Pentominium, drips with treacle-thick exclusivity. Some floors will be uniquely suspended in mid-air, giving the impression that you’re living in a floating penthouse in the sky, with residents having access to a fleet of luxury automobiles and yachts for transport and entertainment. The ancient Egyptians defined their era with the impossible pyramids of Giza – could the fantastical architecture of Dubai be the defining monument of our era?

Currently, the world’s tallest residential building is the Q1 resort and spa on Australia’s Gold Coast, standing 235 metres tall by the Queensland beachfront. The Pentominium, currently approved for construction, will dwarf the Q1, stretching 516 metres and 120 floors into the Dubai sky. The concept is fairly unique – as opposed to a condominium with multiple apartments on each floor, the Pentominium will be a completely exclusive building, each 600+ square meter floor will house a single apartment – meaning that every apartment will have its own foyer.

Situated in the exclusive Dubai Marina area, the Pentominium’s 100th floor will house a sky lounge, sky pool and private observation deck for the tower’s residents.

Keys being such a last-millennium concern, each Pentominium apartment will feature biometric digital keyless entry systems – and maids and chauffeurs are accommodated in discreet comfort.

An array of strategic allegiances with luxury goods leaders furnishes residents with some pretty special perks – the use of a fleet of luxury sports cars and Rolls-Royce Phantoms, luxury yachts, top-flight Bang & Olufsen home theater systems, Hirsh-Bedner interior design and world-renowned butler services come standard with each apartment.

The Pentominium won’t stay the world’s tallest residential building for long – construction has been approved for the 610-metre high Chicago Spire – but it will certainly rank among the world’s most luxurious. Interested millionaires should check pricing at the Signature Properties Worldwide website. Take a look, it might be a little cheaper than you’d expect.