August 24, 2007 With their mix of convenience, portability and ease of use, mini music players like the iPod are rapidly taking over from the CD collection as many users’ primary music repositories – and as more consumers start connecting their iPods into their home stereo systems, remote-controlled audio docking stations like Bexy’s iMirror start to make a lot of sense. Just dock the iPod, pick up the iMirror remote control and you’ve got the full ability to manage your iPod remotely as it plays through your home stereo.

Bexy’s iMirror is a very simple concept to solve a simple problem we’re sure more and more people will be encountering. If you like to keep your whole music collection on your iPod, and you’re not concerned by the slight drop in audio quality, you might be among the many people who plug their iPods straight into the home stereo to hear their tunes on the big speakers.

The iMirror is an iPod dock that plugs straight into the RCA jacks at the back of your amplifier, and gives you remote control access to your iPod. When you dock the iPod, the iMirror sends all your loaded song details to the remote control, so you can scroll through your music and select what to play through the remote’s LCD screen just as if you had the iPod in your hand. Plus, it charges the iPod while it plays.

Simple, stylish and effective, the iMirror retails for US$149.95.