Polaris launches Electric Neighbourhood Vehicle

The Polaris Breeze
The Polaris Breeze
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The Polaris Breeze
The Polaris Breeze

Polaris has announced a low emission electric powered Neighborhood Vehicle, the Polaris Breeze, the first product of its new On-Road Vehicle Division. The Breeze is designed for multiple consumer uses such as golfing, comfortably transporting up to four passengers, or easily carrying light cargo loads. The vehicle is targeted towards master planned communities, and will be available in limited quantities in September 2009. Perhaps more importantly, now that electric vehicle manufacture has been added to the company skills base, what other electric capability might be added to other Polaris products?

ok== Polaris - do they plan to have winter with heat and a summer with air cond. Thanks George Dibble
Mathew Packer
I'd love one of these babies, sadly I think I would end up too lazy out on the golf course...maybe I should wait a few more years till my knees go all the way out..
Francis Kintz
anyone know of a san francisco retailer? am looking for an electric/solar vehicle to haul my kites to and from the marina green...