• As 2020 comes to a close, we present our pick of the best, most innovative, and most unusual tiny houses we've seen this year, including a supersized tiny house that sleeps eight people and an unusual compact model based on an airplane fuselage.
  • The classic A-frame cabin remains as popular as ever, and we've covered many takes on the design, from a homemade effort on a shoestring budget to one by a starchitect. The Base Cabin turns the A-frame into an unusual-looking tiny house.
  • Designed by Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL] and Wiki World, the community project dubbed Wiki Tribe was created as an interactive method to bring the community together and to teach children about sustainable architecture.
  • Istanbul-based architecture firm SO? says that its city would be lacking in land suitable for emergency housing in the event of a major earthquake. In response, the firm has conceived a prototype floating shelter that has an interesting folding design.
  • High-profile architecture firms rarely show any interest in the small living movement. However, if this project by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is anything to go by, that's a shame. The firm has created a very appealing prefab tiny house/cabin that will eventually be made available for purchase.
  • JR’s Hut on the Kimo Estate does stick out of its hilltop home, but this off-grid cabin is no sore thumb making tasteful use of sustainable materials to shelter visitors in stylish A-frame accommodation for two.​