• ​Moza's Mini-Mi is an affordable (US$109) smartphone stabilizing gimbal, letting you shoot cinematic steadicam-style shots. It's got a few tricks up its sleeve too, including wireless phone charging, hyperlapses, "inception mode" and some very cool but not-quite-there motion tracking capabilities.
  • ​If you shoot a lot of handheld video of extreme outdoor activities, then it's possible that you use a motorized camera-stabilizing gimbal. Such devices, however, typically don't offer much protection to the camera – or to themselves. That's why the enclosed-design Arculus Onyx was created.
  • ​With more and more people getting into video blogging, it's only natural that we should be seeing an increasing number of cameras designed specifically for vlogging. One of the latest and perhaps best-equipped, the Idolcam will soon be the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.
  • The Moza AirCross is Gudsen's latest hand-held steadicam gimbal – this time focused squarely on lightweight mirrorless cameras. Smaller and lighter than the Moza Air, it's also got a quick release plate, auto-tune setup and battery power for your camera to make life easier on set.
  • ​​We've seen plenty of gimbal mounts for third-party actioncams such as GoPros, that help to smooth out the shakes. Gimboo's GimbalCam, though, is a little different. It's a compact 4K/30fps video camera with its own built-in 3-axis gimbal – no separate stabilizing mount is required.​
  • Cheap, lightweight and versatile, the Moza Air can carry and stabilize a full size DSLR with a lens, letting you shoot smooth, dynamic motion video while walking, running or hanging out of vehicles.
  • The original DJI Ronin was a terrific tool that brought Steadicam-like stabilization to filmmakers without the six-figure price tag. The Ronin 2 is ready for the big time, with multiple mount options, hot-swappable batteries that can power the camera, and a whopping 30-lb (13.6 kg) load capacity.
  • Consumer-level gimbal stabilizers for DSLR-sized cameras are really only about three years old. But in those three years they've come from US$4,500 down to just $599 with this Moza Air from Gusden, which stabilizes a 2.5-kg (5.5 lb) camera rig for four hours, but it might have a crucial flaw.