Remote Control

  • ​If you're trying to catch delicate creatures such as sea slugs via remote control, you're certainly not going to use steel pincers designed for use in the oil and mining industries. It was with this in mind that a Harvard team recently developed an underwater robotic gripper that has a soft touch.
  • ​Well, it's official – the crowdfunded underwater drones are now coming thick and fast. It was just last week that we heard about the MITO, and now Geneinno's Titan has hit Kickstarter. Among other things, it's reportedly able to dive deeper than almost any other model.
  • ​Racing remote-control model cars can be fun, but then so can playing car-racing video games. A group of Austrian entrepreneurs has decided to combine the two (sort of) in the form of the xDroid system.
  • ​In 2015, scientists from Germany's Saarland University presented us with their iSkin stickers, which could be placed on the body to touch-control mobile devices. Now, led by Prof. Jürgen Steimle, they've built upon that technology to develop what's known as Multi-Touch Skin.
  • ​If a just-launched Kickstarter campaign is successful, amateur or even not-so-amateur oceanographers will soon have another underwater drone to choose from. Known as the Nemo, this one promises some high-end standard features, along with a couple of interesting extras.
  • ​When it comes to underwater robots, there are two kinds – Autonomous Underwater Vehicles that gather data while cruising along by themselves, and Remotely Operated Vehicles that perform tasks while being controlled in real time. Houston Mechatronics is combining them, in the form of the Aquanaut.
  • Conducting scientific research in the ocean's surf zone can be challenging, as conventional watercraft get tossed all over the place. Well, what about using a remote-control tracked vehicle that crawls along the bottom? That's just what the Surf Rover is planned to be.
  • ​It can be hard work, using a spotter and/or your vehicle's mirrors to move a trailer into a tight space such as a parking spot or garage. The Trailer Valet RVR, however, is intended to make the job easier. Essentially, it's a remote-control trailer-parking tank.
  • ​If you've ever wanted to explore the underwater world using your own ROV (remotely-operated vehicle), there are now a number of consumer models in the works. The Sibiu Nano is one of the most recent to hit the scene, and it's being made with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.
  • Not everyone who owns a DSLR is a highly-skilled photographer, yet they do all want their photos to look good. Well, that's why Aurga was created. It's a plug-in module that uses artificial intelligence to adjust the camera's settings, based on a database of professionally-taken photographs.
  • Remote-control model boats may indeed be pretty neat, although all that you can really do with the things is drive them back and forth. The PowerDolphin, however, is different. Among other things, it allows users to find fish, and shoot HD stills and video both above and below the surface.
  • ​There was a time when consumer underwater drones were rarely heard of, but there are now a fair number that are in various stages of production. One of the latest to ping our sonar is the 4K-shooting FiFish P3, from Chinese/Taiwanese company Qysea.
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