• We've already heard about experimental edible coatings made from silk, pectin and chitosan that increase the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables. Now, however, a coating made from waste plant material is being used on avocados sold in US supermarkets.
  • ​It was back in April that we heard about how scientists had made concrete stronger and more eco-friendly by adding graphene to it. Now, researchers at Lancaster University are reporting that they've achieved even better results using cheaper "nano platelets" derived from root vegetable fibers.
  • Getting your daily dose of vegetables can be tricky. But now it may be a bit easier to hide broccoli in other foods, as Australian scientists have developed a nutritious broccoli powder that can be sprinkled through meals or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, used to make a broccoli latte.
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    ​Imagine recruiting a strain of gut bacteria to help target and kill cancer cells in your colon? A team from Singapore is doing exactly that - genetically modifying a type of gut bacteria so it locks onto colorectal cancer cells and turns a substance found in broccoli into a cancer-killing toxin
  • ​According to a new study conducted by Chicago's Rush University Medical Center, just one serving of leafy green vegetables per day could help preserve memory and thinking skills as we get older. In fact, following such a diet may slow brain aging by up to 11 years.
  • If humans are ever going to colonize Mars, we need to make sure we can grow food locally. Now a team from Wageningen University & Research has found that earthworms might soon need a name change: these creatures crucial for making soil fertile, can thrive and reproduce in simulated Martian soil.
  • A plate of broccoli has nothing on a bowl of pasta. But before you brush them aside, science has found yet another reason why consuming vegetables is good for us. The information is compelling enough that some people might want to add more green to their plates to help protect their guts.
  • Earlier this month, bad weather in Spain caused a vegetable shortage crisis in the UK, leading some supermarkets to ration the number of certain greens that customers could buy. Could creating a new line of broccoli for all seasons help avert another climate-induced veggie crisis?
  • Few works of art are as beautiful as nature, so why not frame nature and hang it on your wall at home? That's the premise behind the Wall Garden, a new aeroponic planter that is designed to hang like a picture and grow herbs, flowers and vegetables.
  • AstroGro is a space garden pod that combines 3D printing with artificial intelligence to produce a system that can be replicated and modified using standard additive printing technology.
  • For farmers in developing countries without refrigerators, a great deal of produce - and therefore profit - can be lost through spoilage. A new device seeks to tackle this problem by increasing the short-term storage time for fruit and veg. The Wakati stores produce in a sterilized microclimate.