January 20, 2009 This product makes a lot of sense – a goodly proportion of the people we know are two-fingered typists. In the world of programming, we’d hesitate to suggest the percentage of hunt-and-peckers is close to 100 percent. This creates stress ion the eyes and slows the input rates significantly, as we (yes, guilty) constantly need to refocus on the keys of the keyboard then move our focus to the screen and back again and again …. The Yu Type is a compact computer peripheral that sits on the keyboard in the user’s eyeline, displaying words as they are typed. Designed to improve speed and accuracy, it avoids the need for less accomplished typists to keep switching their focus from keyboard to monitor.

Sadly, the Yu Type is still only a concept, the brainchild of Royal College of Art Student Yusuf Muhammad, and recently shared first prize at a design competition on the theme of Intelligent Urban Living, hosted by the Royal College of Art and sponsored by Toyota.