Gizcast 1: hi-capacity batteries, explosive smart guns and the Scuderi split-cycle engine

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We're happy to present the first installment of Gizmag's Emerging Technology Podcast with Loz Blain - our weekly news wrap of the biggest, brightest (and sometimes weirdest) products, ideas and innovations from the wide world of emerging technology.

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Lead stories this episode include the STAIR high-capacity battery, the XM25 high explosive smart weapon, the Scuderi spit-cell air hybrid engine and Swinburne's supersized DVD technology.

Further reading on the topics covered in this week's podcast (in the order they're mentioned):

  1. The STAIR air-fueled battery
  2. The XM25 high explosive smart weapon
  3. The Scuderi air-hybrid split cell engine
  4. The supersized DVD
  5. The Orange Power Pump phone charger
  6. The Eyenovations slow-release medicated contact lens
  7. MIT's latest Global Warming predictions
  8. Arizona's solar-powered 220mph bullet train
  9. The 6 million frames per second camera
  10. How to get rid of quizzes and other crap from your Facebook news feed
  11. The portable self-inflating spa for four people
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