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Tanita Freshkiss Breathchecker

Tanita Freshkiss Breathchecker
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Bad breath is one of THOSE subjects. We all know someone with breath so bad it could remove paint, but almost no-one is prepared to broach the subject, at least not with chronic halitosis sufferers.

At least there's now an independent arbiter, thanks to a new hand-held electronic device being marketed by Tanita. According to Tanita, it's new Fresh Kiss Breath Checker can discretely check your breath in a few seconds, and will detect bad breath in 90% of cases. The vast majority of bad breath is caused by the presence of at least one of the following: bacteria, oral decay or disease, stress, food, alcohol-consumption and the lack of basic oral hygiene. The Fresh Kiss detects and measures the volatile sulfide compounds and hydrocarbon gas that are present when breath is bad and rates the degree of odour in one of four levels (no odour, slight, moderate or strong odour).

Fresh Kiss costs $49.95 and is new to Australia. Stockists can be found by calling Tanita on 1800 656 444.

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