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Husqvarna's autonomous Automower 260 ACX calls for help via SMS

Husqvarna's autonomous Automower 260 ACX calls for help via SMS
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April 24, 2009 Homeowners with lawns 6000 m² or more spend more than 120 hours every year mowing lawns according to Husqvarna, the world's largest lawnmower manufacturer – that's the equivalent of three weeks work. Those with better things to do, can either pony up three week's wages for someone or buy the Automower 260 ACX, the biggest yet Husqvarna robotic lawnmower. The battery driven EUR 4,000 Automower 260 ACX just goes about its business, 24 hours a day, recharging itself through an electrically powered charging station when necessary. It's completely set-and-forget, and if it encounters any problems, it'll send an SMS to your mobile.

Besides cutting the grass at the height of your choice, it fertilizes the lawn naturally using the cut-offs from the grass. As an extra bonus, studies have shown that it scares off moles, Spanish slugs and other lawn predators, if you let it work at night. With no harmful exhaust emissions and low energy consumption, it is gentle on the environment.

The Automower 260 ACX is battery driven, equipped with two NiMH batteries with a total capacity of 6Ah and 18V voltage. The cutting capacity is 250 m2 (2700 square ft) per hour. The cutting time is 60 minutes, after which it returns to the charging station by itself to recharge for 40 minutes before setting out to cut again. It has five pivoting razor blades, compared to three on the smaller models, bringing the cutting width to 32 cm (12.6 inches) and a cutting height that ranges from 20-60 mm (0,8-2,4 inches).

With no harmful exhaust emissions and low energy consumption, the mower is gentle on the environment. Lift and tilt sensors ensure that the machine stops immediately in case someone lifts it or it be tilted. The Ultrasonic sensors keep the machine away from obstacles. The machine manages gradients of up to 35 percent and built-in sensors using ultrasonic technology help it avoid tough collisions.

With a small almost invisible wire staked into the ground, the mower stays within a pre-determined area.

Product features:

    Easy to Use: Programming is as easy as personalizing a mobile phone, and with the timer function you can adjust the mowing time to suit your garden. Emission Free: electrically powered while producing no harmful exhaust emissions and has low energy consumption Theft Protected: a personal 4-digit code is required to operate the mower, as well as, an alarm to deter unauthorized users Safe and Secure: blades are lightweight and out of reach and will stop as soon as Automower® is lifted from the ground Weather Proof: The product can be outside around the clock and is designed to function properly and unattended regardless of the weather conditions Instant Fertilizer: three razor like blades cut the grass cleanly leaving shorter clippings that decompose quickly, providing a natural fertilizer

Recommended working area: 0-6000 m² +/- 20% Area capacity per hour: 250 m² +/- 20% Navigation: Irregular Battery type/capacity/voltage: NiMH/6Ah/18V Weight: 12.0 kg

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