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The miniaturization of electronics and advances in battery technology have ushered an age in which it's possible to carry around what would once have been considered a supercomputer in our pockets. In just a couple of decades, smartphones, along with their bigger tablet brothers, have become indispensable and made it easy to stay connected to work, friends and family, wherever we may be.

Read on for news, reviews and comparisons of the latest smartphones and tablets.

The best tablets of 2017

It's been a relatively quiet year for tablets, but some of the biggest names in tech – including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon – still launched devices in 2017. These are our picks for the best tablets out of the ones released over the last 12 months, at a variety of price points.

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The best smartphones of 2017

As far as smartphone tech goes, 2017 has been one of the most interesting years in a while: the year of the 18:9, extended screen, of vanishing bezels and Face ID, augmented reality and more. We've seen some excellent mobile handsets launch over the last 12 months, and here's our pick of the best.

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