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HTC 10 vs. LG G5

The HTC 10 may be our favorite phone of the year; it's a greater than the sum of its parts return to form for one of the historically best smartphone makers. LG's G5, meanwhile, is an ambitious attempt at modularity, toeing the line between innovation and gimmickry. Let's see how they compare.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5

Two of the biggest phones of the year were launched head-to-head at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: but how does the smaller of Samsung's two 2016 flagship phones compare with LG's innovative modular handset? Here are all the key specifications and features you need to know about.

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The best of MWC 2016

2016 was the year when the world's biggest smartphone expo went beyond the smartphone. We've seen VR headsets, 360-degree cameras, home security robots, convertible tablet/laptops and more: read on for our picks for the best gadgets of the show together with our overall impressions of MWC 2016.

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