The Geneva Motor Show has more than its fair share of heart rate-spiking 200+ mph hypercars and track racers. But it also has a number of vehicles for thrill-seekers of a different stripe, those who look to carry friends and gear into the great outdoors and explore trails, rivers, mountains and more. Also, there's a little something for those who just want to wander roads and tracks with no particular destination at all. Adventurous vehicles can be found in big, center-stage world premieres and mixed in rather discreetly among smaller booths.

We've long covered the outdoor and automotive industries independently, but we've watched them converge together more and more in recent years. On the outdoor side, auto-reliant activities like van life and vehicle-based camping have jumped in prominence, cars, trucks and SUVs serving as both shuttle and mobile basecamps. On the automotive side, automakers continually woo the young and adventurous with the likes of sporty small crossovers and AWD wagons, advertising worlds of hard-charging outdoor recreation opened up by that essential new vehicle.

The Geneva Motor Show definitely sees a continuation of the trend, hosting plenty of concept and production vehicles aimed at urban-dwelling weekend wilderness warriors and full-time van-living nomads. Some of these vehicles can even deliver a fast, exhilarating ride to the trailhead. Whether it's a high-riding performance estate you're after, a mini, maneuverable 4x4 camper van, or a maxi, not-as-maneuverable 6x6 Land Rover, Geneva has it on the floor, and we have it in our gallery.

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