Gizcast 8: Meet Chris Toal, inventor of the Cranklock

Gizcast 8: Meet Chris Toal, in...
Gizcast 8: The Cranklock
Gizcast 8: The Cranklock
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Gizcast 8: The Cranklock
Gizcast 8: The Cranklock

There's some controversy in the original Cranklock article comments over whether Chris Toal's latest invention will actually work - in this week's podcast we hear a little from the man himself about the device he believes could revolutionize the cycling world. We'll also hear from Geoffrey Baird in the booth about what he's been enjoying at gizmag.com this week.

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i like the in depth features on the podcasts .. much better format than just the smaller stories .. always time for a bit of reflection in there .. nice work guys ..