Survival has been migrating out of backpacks and dedicated kits and into everyday things like shoelaces, bracelets and pens. Now it's available in an even more essential piece of everyday carry: the wallet. The ParaWallet wraps your $5 and $10 bills in knot-tying, fire-starting capabilities.

Believe it or not, the ParaWallet isn't the first multi-tool wallet we've seen. We've also taken a look at the not-so-creatively-named MULTI. Then there are wallet-sized, card-style tools like ... Tuls. If only the MULTI was more of an actual wallet, you could slide a Tuls card or two in there and have a full-blown MULTI-Tul. Alas, it doesn't appear like they'll readily cooperate.

The ParaWallet, on the other hand, is built more like a regular, ol' wallet, so you could use it with a card-style multi-tool. In fact, its designers recommend using one of its credit card slots for that very purpose, making it a more robust, multifunctional survival wallet.

Much like all the paracord wristband and keychain weavers before it, the Phoenix-based design team behind the ParaWallet realized that by using paracord to make a regular piece of everyday carry, they could give that item a bit of survival cred. The ParaWallet is built from more than 50 feet (15.2 m) of 550-lb (249-kg), seven-strand paracord, which can be unraveled and used to repair gear, replace broken shoelaces, create makeshift fishing gear, make a snare, and perform all kinds of other handy tasks.

The ferrocerium rod integrated into the wallet fold gives the ParaWallet a backbone. When used with the tinder located behind the tag and the steel emblem on the wallet face, it can also spark a fire.

Slide a multi-tool like the Tool Logic Credit Card Companion inside and you can impress members of the opposite and same sex with your overall level of MacGyver-ness. Hopefully, you'll never have to actually demonstrate that MacGyver-ness, though, because you're not Richard Dean Anderson and those undersized tools don't look particularly useful for anything more dire than an hourlong brunch wait. That's okay; more likely than not, you'll only ever use the ParaWallet for something like holding your pants up when you forget to pack your belt on vacation.

The ParaWallet is available on Kickstarter for pledges of US$35 and more. If all goes according to plan, deliveries will begin in October.

Source: ParaWallets

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