Innovative inventions from the world's biggest student design show

November 18, 2019
The Global Grad Show is the world’s largest annual gathering of university design graduates, showing off their most innovative projects. New Atlas was at this year’s show to offer a glimpse at the most inventive ideas from the planet’s top students.

First global map of Titan highlights oceans, plains, dunes and mountains

November 18, 2019
In some ways, the most Earth-like world in our solar system is Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. And now, astronomers from NASA JPL and Arizona State University have used years of Cassini data to construct the first global map of Titan.

Beauer telescopic camper trailer expands, to house wandering twosomes

November 18, 2019
When we first covered the Beauer 3X expanding camping trailer, we feared it might be a very cool prototypes that never got off the ground. But a few years later, Beauer appears to be humming along and is now expanding with a smaller two-person 2X.

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