"Supergiant" new species of isopod discovered in the deep ocean

August 13, 2020
All kinds of fascinating discoveries are waiting in the deep sea. Now scientists have pulled a new monster out of the waters off the Indonesian coast. The creature is a new species of “supergiant” isopod, a huge marine relative of the common pillbug.

Ford gets ready to rodeo with Bronco adventure concepts

August 13, 2020
When Ford debuted the Bronco, it bucked the trend of soft-road crossovers and put forth a true off-roader. It now expands the Bronco's off-road, multipurpose capability with concepts that show how it can be accessorized into different adventure rigs.

NYC study concludes COVID-19 is as deadly as the 1918 Spanish Flu

August 13, 2020
A new analysis published in the journal JAMA Network Open, is suggesting a novel metric for comparing the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic to our current pandemic, and the conclusion is COVID-19 is just as deadly, possibly even more so.

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