Radically different Transwing eVTOL design offers some huge advantages

July 30, 2021
This totally unique eVTOL design promises range, cargo and efficiency advantages unmatched by anything else on the market, using a dihedral folding wing design that gives it a tiny ground footprint in VTOL mode, and a huge wingspan in the air.

Neuroscientists discover how taking breaks while learning improves memory

July 29, 2021
For over a century scientists have known taking breaks while learning can improve long-term memory retention. A new study offers some of the first evidence to show how this actually works in the brain.

New solar still uses a rotating cylinder to produce more potable water

July 30, 2021
In many arid regions, people use devices known as solar stills to extract drinkable water from seawater or tainted water. A new type of solar still is claimed to be much more effective than others, by incorporating a rotating cylinder.

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